Newburgh's Got Talent 2021! - Virtual Talent Show

Newburgh's Got Talent 2021!
Posted on 01/11/2021
Virtual Talent ShowWe are so excited to announce the repeat of our on-line Talent Show for our students this month! 

Each student from Kindergarten to Grade 8 is invited to post either a 1 minute video (or less) of a performance or a photograph of an art project. You have the option of putting your child's first name on the art in the photo or not. 

The video will highlight our diverse group of students, and we welcome a variety of submissions such as dancing, singing, acting, fitness activities, art projects, or videos of students learning something or teaching us something new (it may need to be sped up to be less than 1 minute). Although we would love to see all of your talents, students are only able to include one entry. The performance must be appropriate for students from K-8 in order to be included in the video. 

We ask that you complete the following sections below including parent/guardian consent to post the student's performance or art in our final Talent Show Video. Please try to limit the size of the video or photo. The video will be uploaded and then shared in each of our on-line classrooms for each family to view at home. Please note that we will be sharing this video with our school community only, however, we cannot control if some our families share it with outside parties. 

Talent Entries due by January 22nd at 4:00 p.m. at the latest.

We are aiming to have the completed video available for viewing by the beginning of February.

Once the video is available for viewing, we will post a voting form so that the school community can decide on their favorite entries.

Students with the most votes, will win the following prizes:

1. $50 cash prize
2. $25 cash prize
3. $15 cash prize

Please use the link below to access the entry form if your child is planning to submit an entry. Student videos cannot be included without parent permission.

Newburgh's got Talent 2021! - Entry Form

Please send completed videos to or share with me on Google Drive.

Good luck everyone!